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Specialist Physiotherapy

Persistent pain is a widespread problem which is often very confusing and distressing for sufferers.

Despite advancements in technology and treatments, pain often persists. In many cases information and treatment provided may have been generic, ill-directed or only focused on one part of your problem.  There is now strong evidence of multiple influences on persistent pain problems.

Specialist Physiotherapists are considered experts in their field and given their advanced skill set are highly sought after for the assessment and management of complex pain conditions.

Here at Quest:

  • we are experts at assessing key influences on your pain
  • we will give you clear information that is easy to understand
  • we will provide you with an individualised plan and the confidence to move forward
  • right diagnosis, right treatment, right from the start
  • long term or complex pain issues
  • if you are not getting better with your current treatment
  • tried other treatments without success
  • don’t have a clear understanding of your pain
  • just want a second opinion to ensure you are on the right track

Here at Quest we love what we do. We are here to help you understand your pain.

Second Opinion

At Quest we offer Specialist Physiotherapist reviews of patients with difficult or ongoing pain.

  • your problem may be complex
  • you may be confused or find it hard to understand your pain
  • you may have tried many treatments with no improvement or
  • you may just want to review your rehabilitation plan to check you are on the right path.

We encourage treating therapists or family to attend these appointments to provide a collaborative approach.

Telehealth/Skype consult service is also available for regionally located clients.