Arthritis - GLA:D® Program

We are very excited to launch the education and exercise program – GLA:D® for hip and knee osteoarthritis.

The GLA:D (Good Life with Arthritis: Denmark) program was developed by researchers in Denmark and reflects the most current research in osteoarthritis (OA). It includes feedback from people with OA and treating practitioners on what works in the real world to help people manage OA symptoms.

The program is unique in that the education and exercise can be applied to everyday activities. By strengthening and correcting daily movement patterns participants will train their bodies to move properly, prevent symptom progression and reduce pain.

It runs for six weeks consisting of:

  • Two education sessions (which are at no cost) teaching you about OA and the exercise program
  • Twice weekly exercise sessions under the guidance of a specifically trained Quest Physiotherapist


Research from the GLA:D® program found at 12 months pain reduced by 32% and 74% did not need joint replacement surgery.

Participants also reported high levels of satisfaction with the program, less use of joint related medication, less sick leave and higher physical activity levels.

If you would like more information please contact our GLA:D trained Physiotherapists Nathan Treacy or Michael Sharp on 08 9243 8350 or email us.

We look forward to delivering this hugely successful program to our clients.

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