Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a doctor’s referral to see a Specialist Physiotherapist?

No. Specialist Physiotherapists are primary contact practitioners which means you do not need a doctor’s referral.

However, if you are claiming Workers Compensation or other insurance claims you must acquire a referral from your doctor. As Specialist Physiotherapists approval is also required from your insurance provider. Please contact us for further information.

What should I bring?

If you have had any tests or imaging done relating to your current issue please bring the films and reports with you.

If you are claiming Workers Compensation or other insurance claims, please also bring your referral and relevant paperwork.

Can I claim physiotherapy on my private health insurance?

Yes. The amount you claim is dependent on your individual policy. Please contact your private health insurance provider for further information.

Appointment and Price Information

Specialist Physiotherapist Standard Initial Consult 40 mins $190
Specialist Physiotherapist Standard Consult 30 mins $145
Specialist Physiotherapist Short Consult 20 mins $100
Specialist Physiotherapist Extended Consult 60 mins $285
Senior Physiotherapist Standard Initial Consult 40 mins $145
Senior Physiotherapist Standard Consult 30 mins $110
Senior Physiotherapist Short Consult 20 mins $80
Senior Physiotherapist Extended Consult 60 mins $215


60 minute Extended Consult 

Recommended for long term, complex pain issues or if you have multiple pain issues.

40 minute Initial Consult 

Recommended appointment for an initial consultation.

30 minute Standard Consult 

Recommended for standard follow-up consultation.

20 minute Short Consult 

Recommended if only a quick opinion, treatment or review is required. We do endeavour to stay on time so if you choose this option please expect 20mins.


In all of our appointments we will provide you with easy to understand information, thorough treatment personally relevant to you.

If you would like anymore information or the above appointment options do not suit your personal situation, please call us on 08 9243 8350. We are flexible in the delivery of our services – our primary goal is making our services available to everyone.

We do endeavour to keep appointments close to time – so please expect the length of time you book for.

What are the car parking options?

Quest Specialist Physiotherapy is located at 178 Warwick Road, Duncraig near the junction of Glengarry and Warwick roads. There is ample free parking available for our clients at the rear the building accessible via the driveway on the right hand side. Entry is also via the rear of the building.

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